Centre for Active Lifestyle Management (CALM)

The CALM service offers a group outpatient programme as well as information, support and advice to both patients and professionals to help them manage the problems caused by chronic pain.


Assessments and individual appointments are on Sapphire ward, 2nd Floor Ravensbourne Block , Lewisham Hospital.

The group outpatient programme is located in the Owen Education Centre, University Hospital Lewisham.

Contact Details

The CALM service can be contacted via email or telephone.  The telephone is manned Monday & Tuesday (8:30am – 5:00pm).  An answer machine is available at all other times.

T: 0208 690 0174
E: LH.CALM@nhs.net

Who is the service for?

The CALM service is available to adults (18+ years) who are registered with a Lewisham GP and have chronic, non-malignant, musculo-skeletal pain. 

What services are provided?

The CALM programme consists of a three hour group session every week for 10 weeks. Follow up appointments are also offered at 6 weeks and 6 months to help patients maintain the progress they have made on the programme. 

Topics covered in the programme include:

  • Information about chronic pain and how it is different from acute pain
  • Goal setting and problem solving
  • The importance of movement
  • Planning and pacing of daily activities
  • Dealing with the distress caused by persistent pain
  • Improving communication
  • Medications prescribed for chronic pain
  • Relaxation and distraction
  • Dealing with flare-ups in pain

One session is open for relatives, friends and carers to attend.  This offers them the opportunity to find out more about the new coping strategies covered on the programme and support the patient in putting them into practice.

How can you get a referral?

Patients can only be referred to the CALM Programme by a pain specialist such as a Consultant in Chronic Pain, Pain Nurse Specialist, Physiotherapist (including Musculoskeletal Triage), Rheumatologist or Orthopaedic Surgeon. Once referred to the CALM service, patients are offered the opportunity to attend a Programme Education Session (PES). This meeting explains the complexities of chronic pain and the content of the programme. If someone is interested in attending the programme they need to opt-in by telephone. 

What else do you need to know?

Patients are asked to bring a list of their medication with them to their assessment appointment.  Additionally, they are advised to bring shorts/t-shirt for the physical examination.  It is also helpful for them to bring information relating to appointments (both at Lewisham and other hospitals) for their pain.

Why choose the Centre for Active Lifestyle Management?

  • The CALM service is run by a multi-professional team. This means patients and other health care professionals have access to the specialist knowledge of a Physiotherapist, Nurse and Psychologists experienced in the field of chronic pain.
  • There has recently been an increase in the amount of provision for individual psychology appointments.


Key Staff

  • Dr Stephanie Jarrett, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  • Sarah MacNeil, Clinical Physiotherapist Specialist
  • Tamzin Bunton, Clinical Nurse Specialist

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