Supervisors of Midwives

SOM Team

The Supervisors of Midwives are a team of experienced midwives who have undertaken additional training and are appointed by the Local Supervisory Authority (LSA).

What is the Supervisors of Midwives' Role?

The role of a Supervisor of Midwives is to protect the public by supporting  midwives in their work and listening to women. Women are supported to make informed choices about their care and feel secure during and after their pregnancy and birth.

Supervisors of Midwives work to improve the quality of care for women through various strategies:

  • They hold weekly clinics alternating across sites for women who would, for example, like to discuss a previous birth or pregnancy experience, to help them understand events. The clinics may also be useful for women who may be anxious about giving birth
  • They also meet with women to make plans for their birth when they may wish to make choices that don’t fit with local guidance, for example a woman who may want to use the Birth Centre despite experiencing complications during a previous birth.

The Supervisors of Midwives team have recently won "Supervisory Team of 2014" from the London Local Supervising Authority. This was awarded due to their exceptional leadership and services dedicated to woman centred care.

Supervisors of Midwives

There are currently 19 Supervisors of Midwives:

  • Alison Eagle
  • Phillipa Stalberg
  • Bolu Aluko
  • Ruth Bastin
  • Lynn Bayes
  • Vikki Coleman
  • Sharon Elder
  • Helen Foreman
  • Elaine Frail
  • Vlora Hingley
  • Ivy Kazangarare
  • Jacqui Kempen
  • Giuseppe Labriola
  • Trish Lyall
  • Jill Moore
  • Jackie Moulla
  • Julie Smith
  • Julie Stead
  • Winnie Williams

Contact the Supervisors

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For professional advice or guidance on aspects of your care contact a Supervisor of Midwives on either of the numbers below and ask for the Supervisor of Midwives on Call.

  • University Hospital Lewisham: 0208 333 3000
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital: 0208 836 6000

For urgent and other general midwifery queries please contact the maternity wards.

Further Information

For further information on how supervision works and what Supervisors of Midwives can do for you, please read the Support for Parents leaflet produced by the Nursing & Midwifery Council or visit the Nursing & Midwifery Council website.

If you have not already, you can refer yourself directly to our maternity services without having to speak to your GP. You can call our maternity hotline on 07787 841 986.

If you have any non-urgent enquiries, why not ask Edie our E-Midwife:

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Refer Yourself Today

Refer Yourself Today

Did you know you can refer yourself for an appointment with one of our midwives without speaking to your GP first?

You can self-refer by calling our midwife hotline on 07787 841 986.

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