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Safe staffing levels are at the cornerstone of providing quality patient care. At Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust we are committed to ensuring our nurse and midwifery staffing levels are sufficient to provide a high standard of care to our patients.

From June 2014 it has also become a national requirement for all hospitals to publish information about staffing levels on wards, including the percentage of shifts meeting their agreed staffing levels. This initiative is part of the NHS response to the Francis Report which called for greater openness and transparency in the health service.

You can see the Trust's safe staffing data below. This data is also available on the NHS Choices website via the following links:

Safe Staffing Information



Nurse Staffing Return - MARCH 16

Nurse Staffing Return - FEBRUARY 2016.xls
Nurse Staffing Return - JANUARY 16.xls
Nurse Staffing Return - DECEMBER 15.xls
Nurse Staffing Return - November 15.xls
Nurse Staffing Return - JUNE 15.xls

Nurse Staffing Return - APRIL 15-FINAL.xls


Nurse Staffing Return - JUNE 15.xls [xls] 2MB

Nurse Staffing Return UNIFY - MAY 15.xls [xls] 2MB

Nurse Staffing Return - APRIL 15-FINAL.xls [xls] 2MB

March 2015 Staffing Information [xls] 2MB
Feburary 2015 Staffing Information [xls] 2MB
January 2015 Staffing Information [xls] 2MB
December 2014 Staffing Information [xls] 2MB

November 2014 Staffing Information [xls] 2MB
October 2014 Staffing Information [xls] 2MB
September 2014 Staffing Information [xls] 2MB
August 2014 Staffing Information [xls] 2MB

July 2014 Staffing Information [xls] 623KB
June 2014 Staffing Information [xls] 2MB
May 2014 Staffing Information [pdf] 178KB

 ‘Planned hours’ refers to the number of hours based on the agreed level of staffing for that area plus any additional need that has been identified and are classified in to day and night. The registered nurse/midwife data includes ward Sisters, and non-registered staff include Health Care Assistants or Midwifery Support Workers.

‘Actual hours’ refers to the total number of hours worked by permanent or temporary staff.

The Trust has set out its approach to monthly staffing reports in a paper submitted to the Trust Board in June, which you can see via the link below.

Safer Staffing Report - Trust Board Report - 10th June 2014 [pdf] 93KB

The Trust will also undertake a nursing establishment review every six months and the outcome of the last review is summarised in the Trust Board Safer Staffing Review, which you can see via the link below. It should be noted the Trust Board has agreed an increase in nursing establishments, with significant investment over the next three years.

Safer Staffing Review - Trust Board Report - 27th March 2014 [pdf] 226KB

Staffing Boards on Our Wards

Ward Notice Board Each ward at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust displays a ‘staffing status’ board which shows the planned and actual numbers of staff (registered nurses, support workers or other staff such as ward clerk or housekeeper) on shift each day.

These boards are displayed on each ward where they can be clearly seen by patients, visitors and staff, and also show who is in charge of that shift.

Have you got a question about staffing levels?

For more information about staffing levels in our hospitals please contact:

  • Sarah Frost, Head of Nursing Development & Quality (Lewisham) on 020 8333 3000
  • Shotham Kamath, Head of Nursing Development & Quality (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) on 020 8836 6000

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