Neurology in Lewisham

We provide both general neurology and specialist clinics, as well as an inpatient ward referral service.

The Neurology Department is a Professorial unit and consists of two part-time consultant neurologists, a clinical fellow, a Parkinson’s disease specialist nurse and part time Multiple Sclerosis specialist nurse. 

Essential Information


Clinics are provided in Suite 2, Suite 4 and Suite 9 at Lewisham Hospital.

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If you are unable to attend or no longer need your appointment - please contact the Choose and Book Telephone Appointments Line on: 0845 60 88 8 88 or re-book your appointment using the internet.

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Who is the service for?

The clinics are for patients over the age of 16.
Patients with suspected cancer should be referred according to the cancer network guidelines via the 2 week wait office.

What conditions does the department treat?

We offer diagnosis and treatment to patients with diseases of the nervous system, covering a wide range of conditions such as migraine, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, dementia and several others.

What services are provided?

General Neurology clinics, Parkinson’s disease clinic, Epilepsy and First Fit clinic, as well as inpatient Neurology ward referral service

Parkinson's Disease Clinic/ One Stop Service

Conditions Treated - This clinic provides a comprehensive specialised diagnostic and assessment service for patients with Parkinson's disease at a National Centre of Excellence. Patients are assessed by a multi- disciplinary team led by Professor K Ray Chaudhuri and Dr. Mukhtar. Prof Chaudhuri is an international key opinion leader in the field of Parkinson's and Movement Disorders and patients have access to a specialist PD Nurse Specialist and a comprehensive range of diagnostic investigations including inpatient assessment at King's where required.

The clinic is also linked to services offered by Parkinson's UK and the Lewisham branch of Parkinson's UK where Prof K Ray Chaudhuri is the president. Patients will have access to all modern therapies at early stage of PD as well as therapies for advanced disease including Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, Apomorphine Infusion, and Duodopa intestinal infusion and Botulinum toxin (where needed). The clinic is part of several national and international clinical research studies and the team also runs several clinical trials in Parkinson's. All patients are given an opportunity to enter research studies. A special clinic is conducted monthly in conjunction with the care of the elderly team and access to all multi-disciplinary services.

Patients are referred for:

Expertise includes diagnosis and management of Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson Syndromes including multiple system atrophy, progressive Supranuclear Palsy, dementia with lewy bodies, Generalised and focal dystonia, torticollis and writer's cramp. Tremor including Essential tremor. Myoclonus and other jerks and spasms. Tourette's and tics. Chorea. Hemifacial spasm. Wilsons Disease. Neuroleptic - Induced movement disorders. Other undefined disorder of movement or abnormal involuntary movements.

Procedures Performed - Diagnostic investigations as required including DaT scans. L-dopa challenge tests, Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, Apomorphine Infusion, Duodopa intestinal infusion and Botulinum toxin injections (usually at Kings)

Multi-disciplinary Clinic, Parkinson’s and Care of Elderly Joint Clinic

Suite 4: 4th Tuesday of the month

Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse-led Clinics 

Suite 2:  Monday and Thursday mornings

Epilepsy and First Fit clinics

Patients are referred for:

  • Long standing epilepsy
  • Possible seizures

Procedures Performed - Comprehensive epilepsy assessment and treatment. MRI brain imaging can be done at Lewisham Hospital and King’s College Hospital. EEG’s are undertaken at the linked neuroscience centre at Kings College Hospital. All patients have a baseline ECG.

Exclusions - Faints; Vasovagal attacks; Cardiac syncope

First Seizure Clinic

Patients are referred for:

  • First episode of suspected seizure

Procedures Performed - as per epilepsy clinic

Exclusions - Funny Turns Vasovagal attacks.

How can you get a referral?

Patients can be referred by their general practitioner (GP)

Why choose the Lewisham Neurology Service?

  • We offer consultant led general neurology clinics
  • We have a  clinical fellow led rapid access clinic (after triage)
  • We offer an International Parkinson’s centre of excellence affiliated Parkinson’s care and research multidisciplinary joint clinic with care of the elderl (the department has the specialist interest of Professor Ray Chaudhuri in Movement Disorders which is linked to the National Parkinson Foundation Centre of Excellence at King’s College Hospital. We provide a multidisciplinary Parkinson’s clinic service (one stop service)

What else do you need to know?

Please bring a list of any medications and creams you are taking with you.

If you have had a collapse/ blackout, please bring someone with you who has witnessed the event if possible. If you are unable to do this ask a witness to provide a written account to bring with you.

Overseas residents are not automatically entitled to free NHS treatment.  If you have any doubts regarding your entitlement please contact the Overseas Visitors

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