Introducing Solid Foods

Introducing solid foods (also called weaning) is about starting your baby with solid foods alongside breast milk or infant formula.

Thinking about introducing solid foods?

To make it easier for you to get started, see our leaflet below, which includes helpful advice and practical ideas for food for your baby.

Thinking About Introducing Solid Foods>>

Getting Started

  • Your baby is ready for solid foods at 6 months
  • At 6 months your baby will be able to sit up without support and hold their head steady, feed themselves using their fingers and chew and swallow food
  • From 6 months your baby will enjoy soft and mashed foods
  • At 6 months, you can offer a variety of foods straightaway, including meat, fish, pulses, potatoes, rice, vegetables and fruits. 

You can find further information about introducing solid foods in the NHS leaflet below:

Introducing Solid Foods>>

You can also find additional resources relating to introducing solid foods on the NHS Choices website.


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