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Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is encouraging staff to take part in the ‘hello my name is…’ national campaign to improve the experience of patients by making sure they know the name of everyone who is involved in their care.

This simple idea has been shown to benefit patients by putting them at ease during what is often a difficult time. It also ensures patients know exactly who is providing care for them, so that they can ask for them by name if required and avoid any confusion.

You can find out lots more about the campaign on the 'hello my name is ...' website via the link below:

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What have we done to support 'hello my name is...' in our hospitals and community sites?

We held a series of events in July 2015 to mark the campaign: more than 1,000 staff from Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust showed their support by having their photo taken with large pink boards bearing their name. Many more have also got behind the campaign via social media to maximise awareness right across the organisation.

What do staff and patients think of the campaign?

“It is important for us all to remember how stressful and a hospital stay or appointment can be, and that a simple introduction from us can make a patient feel much more comfortable. It breaks down barrier of communication between patients and clinicians, and it could improve patient trust and their wellbeing during their time in hospital.”
Claire Champion, Director of Nursing and Clinical Quality at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

“I think it’s important for patients – it can make them feel happier and give them something to smile about. The staff here all introduced themselves, and it made a big difference.”
Chanice, a patient on the antenatal ward at Lewisham Hospital

“I believe the basic personal touch of introducing yourself by name goes a long way in making patients feel better. It can also give reassurance to families to have a name to contact should they have any concerns.”
Robert Cole, Matron for Children’s Services at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

“I think there a circumstances where it’s really important for staff to introduce themselves to visitors. It’s also really important that staff are friendly, polite and helpful, as they were today, as it can make you feel a lot better.”
Susan and Mavis, Visitors at Lewisham Hospital

‘Telling patients your name helps them feel much more at ease, especially using Christian names.  It’s important to introduce yourself’.
Jane Gregory, Volunteer at Lewisham Hospital for 11 years

‘Introducing yourself to patients gives them reassurance and understanding.  It helps to settle their nerves before surgery, and helps them when they wake up’.  
Latileta Rockliff, Theatre and Recovery Coordinator

‘Saying hello my name is a good way to communicate with our patients.  For them, it’s nice to know who you’re talking to’.
Lucy Hobson, Stroke Discharge Coodinator, Beech Ward, Lewisham Hospital


Take a look at our campaign photos...

You can take a look at all the photos we took of staff pledging to supprt 'hello my name is...' by visiting Flickr page via the link below:

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