Filming and Photography

Trust choir being filmed

We receive many requests for filming and photogrphy at our hospitals and community sites, and are happy to accommodate these where possible.

Our sites can be suitable for a variety of projects, including live news broadcasts and as locations for documentaries or dramas.

Key Principles

  • The safety of our staff and patients is paramount.
  • Patient confidentiality is extremely important and written consent to filming or photography must always be obtained. Sufficient information should be given to all participants so that they can make an informed choice.
  • Filming must not interfere with patient care or the running of the Trust.
  • Our patient’s privacy and dignity must be respected at all times.
  • Photography or filming is not allowed in certain areas of our hospital, such as A&E, Intensive Care and the High Dependency Unit. These are extremely busy areas with limited space.


Before filming or photographing

All photography or filming requests must go through the Trust’s Communications Team. Details of the request including dates, specifications and duration must be sent by email to Once filming/photography has been approved you will need to provide a copy of your public liability insurance document before filming/photography can begin.

During filming

It is Trust policy that a member of the Communications team accompany the filming crew/photographer at all times. It is also essential that the Trust’s infection control procedures are followed at all times. No patients or staff are to be photographed/filmed without providing proper consent.


We make a charge for any filming or photography in the Trust other than that which is to be used for some news footage or for the Trust’s own purposes. All income is reinvested back into the Trust. Our charges are:

  • £150 per hour + VAT for filming on site (minimum period of two hours)
  • £100 per hour + VAT for photography on site (minimum period of two hours)
  • We also charge £50 per 30 minute slot for organisations who wish to carry out a recce of our site for possible filming or photography
  • Fees for not-for-profit organisations are negotiable and may be offered at a discounted rate

Please note that anyone who is found to be filming or photographing at our hospital without permission will be asked to leave immediately, and footage and equipment may be confiscated.

For further information, please contact the Communications Department by emailing or calling 020 8333 3297.

Communications Team

You can call the Communications Team on:

020 8333 3297

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