Education and Training

We depend on our staff to provide the highest quality care to our patients.  To enable staff to do this, The Trust is committed to providing the necessary education and development. This will enable staff to gain and apply the knowledge, skills and attitude that high quality care demands.

We have a wide range of internal and external education and development opportunities available. In addition, we regularly arrange bespoke sessions to meet the emerging needs of teams and individuals.

To help staff make decisions about the education and development they need, everyone has an annual appraisal meeting with their line manager and  together agree personal objectives and the education and development support they need to achieve the objectives.

Medical Staffing and Medical Education in Lewisham

Anne Ellis

Associate Director of Medical Education

0208 333 3438

Suzanne Faulkner

Medical Staffing and Education Manager

0203 192 6194

Caroline Fitzpatrick

Medical Staffing Team Leader

0203 192 6196

Lynn Roberts

Medical Staffing Officer

0203 192 6449

Natalie Samuel

Assistant Medical Staffing Officer

0208 333 3215

Anne Marie Johnson

Admin Officer

0208 333 3246

Caroline Waterhouse

Admin Officer

0203 192 6606


Education Centre, Lewisham Hospital, High Street, Lewisham, London, SE13 6LH

Medical Staffing and Medical Education at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Kelly Stannard

Deputy Medical Staffing Team Leader

Natalie Herridge

Deputy Medical Staffing Team Leader

Sharon Martin

Medical Staffing Officer

Malkit Nandra

Assistant Medical Staffing Officer

Pauline Potter

Assistant Medical Staffing Officer


Education Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Stadium Road, Woolwich, London, SE18 4QH

Education and Development (non-medical)

The Education and Development Department is responsible for organising, processing and funding all internal and external Education and Development for non-medical Trust staff.

The senior team offer bespoke services in which they are able to support the design and delivery of clinical and non-clinical development activity required for both individuals and teams.

In addition, a wide range of scheduled development ranging from patient care, personal development and leadership and management is available throughout the year.

Education and Development Staff

Fay Blackwood

Associate Director of Education & Development

020 3192 6044

Mandy Lochrane

Business & Education Manager

020 3192 3446

Christine Ohene

Vocational Learning Manager


Carol Britton

Vocational Learning Manager

020 3192 6105

Paul Hester

Appraisal & Development Officer

020 3192 6812

Lucille Appeti

Equality Officer

Gillian Berry

Clinical Educator

Veronica Smith

Clinical Educator

020 8333 3000 x 8611

Michael Mashingaidze

Pre-Reg Placement Manager

020 3192 8610

Rosie Clarke

Pre-Reg Placement Manager

020 3192 8612

Sharon Stratton

Pre-Reg Placement Manager