Choosing How to Feed Your Baby

Mother and baby

How you choose to feed your baby is one of the most important decision you can make. At Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust we are committed to providing the highest standard of care to support you and your partner to feed your baby and build strong and loving parent-infant relationships.

We recognize the enormous importance of early relationships and future health and well-being, and how breastfeeding contributes significantly to good physical and emotional outcomes for both you and your baby. 

For this reason, we hold a comprehensive range of antenatal education sessions across the borough, which aim to explore your hopes and expectations of parenthood, and give you the confidence to manage your labour and birth and your baby’s first weeks of  life.  It would be a good idea to book into one of these during your pregnancy – just ask your midwife.

Once you have your baby, we have a dedicated team of midwives and infant feeding advisors who are based on the postnatal wards to provide you with 1-1 support, and group support, every day.  The team are experienced in providing practical advice, and will offer helpful hints and reassurance to new mums.

In addition to these community led sessions, you may wish to book a place on the Antenatal Breastfeeding Class held at Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the first Tuesday of every month 7.30pm-9pm. We also hold a Specialist Infant Feeding Clinic on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Queen Elizabeth Hospital 3-4pm for those mum's who are diabetic or expecting twins.

Please call 0208 836 6903 to book for either of these classes.

You’ve probably heard that breast is best? Is this true?

Breastmilk gives your baby all the nutrients he or she needs for the first 6 months of life (and it’s important beyond 6 months too).  As well as nutritional benefits, breastmilk helps to protect your baby from infection and other diseases.

Infant formula is made from cow’s milk and other ingredients. It doesn’t contain the ingredients that help protect your baby from infection and disease. Only your body can make those.

Breastfed babies are less likely to develop infections of the gastric, respiratory and urinary tracts.  They are also less likely to be obese or to develop diabetes, eczema or asthma. And every day counts - the longer you feed your baby breastmilk, the more they benefit.

Plus it’s free and available wherever and whenever your baby needs

For additional useful information about breastfeeding, please visit this website:

Both Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Greenwich and Lewisham Hospital are proud to have passed Unicef Baby Friendly Stage 2 accreditation, and are now working towards achieving full accreditation (Stage 3).      

However you decide to feed your baby…

He or she will need physical and emotional closeness. We strongly encourage you to hold your baby against your skin straight after birth to calm your new baby.  Recent research states it takes approximately 1 hour of skin to skin contact for your baby’s stress hormones from birth to go (Bergman 2014).  In addition, skin to skin will steady their breathing and help to keep them warm. For these reasons, we encourage you to continue the skin to skin contact right through until your baby has finished their first feed.

Don’t be scared to ask for help

It can take a while before you feel confident, especially if you are breastfeeding. You can ask your midwife, health visitor or local breastfeeding support group to help you. Please click on the links below to find a list of local breastfeeding support groups for you:

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