Board Papers

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Here you will be able to find all of the papers relating to Trust Board meetings.

Meeting Date Agenda Papers Minutes

Trust Board Papers

8th Oct 2013 Trust Board Agenda Trust Board Papers Trust Board Minutes - October[pdf] 248KB
12th Nov 2013 Trust Board Agenda - November[pdf] 144KB Trust Board Papers - November[zip] 5MB Trust Board Minutes - November [pdf] 241KB

10th Dec

Trust Board Agenda - December [pdf] 145KB Trust Board Papers December [zip] 4MB Trust Board Minutes - December 2013 [pdf] 250KB
14th Jan 2014 Trust Board Agenda - January 2014 [pdf] 144KB Trust Board Papers January [zip] 4MB Trust Board Minutes - January 2014 [pdf] 250KB
11th Feb 2014 Trust Board Agenda - February 2014 [pdf] 143KB Trust Board Papers - February 2014 [zip] 3MB Trust Board Minutes - February[pdf] 247KB
11th March 2014 Trust Board Agenda - March [pdf] 149KB Trust Board Papers - March[zip] 8MB Trust Board Minutes - March [pdf] 246KB
8th April 2014 Trust Board Agenda - April [pdf] 137KB Trust Board Papers - April [zip] 7MB Trust Board Minutes - April [pdf] 255KB
13th May 2014 Trust Board Agenda - May [pdf] 137KB Trust Board Papers - May [zip] 6MB Trust Board Minutes - May.pdf [pdf] 247KB
10th June 2014 Trust Board Agenda - June.pdf [pdf] 136KB   Trust Board Papers June Final [zip] 6MB Trust Board Minutes - June [pdf] 271KB
8th July 2014 Trust Board Agenda - July [pdf] 149KB Trust Board Papers - July [zip] 7MB Trust Board Minutes - July [pdf] 213KB
9th September 2014 Trust Board Agenda - September [pdf] 149KB Trust Board Papers - September [zip] 10MB Trust Board Minutes - September [pdf] 301KB
14th October 2014 Trust Board Agenda - October [pdf] 146KB Trust Board Papers - October [zip] 13MB Trust Board Minutes - October [pdf] 282KB
11th November 2014 Trust Board Agenda - November [pdf] 147KB Trust Board Papers - November [zip] 5MB Trust Board Minutes - November [pdf] 257KB
9th December 2014 Trust Board Agenda - December [pdf] 221KB Trust Board Papers - December [zip] 5MB Trust Board Minutes - December [pdf] 241KB
Trust Board Agenda - January [pdf] 210KB Trust Board Papers January [zip] 5MB  
10th February 2015   Board Meeting 10th February 2015 Part 1 PDF Full Pack.pdf [pdf] 10MB  
  Board Meeting 10th March 2015 Part 1 PDF Full Pack. pdf [pdf] 8MB  
14th April 2015   Board Meeting 14th April 2015 Part 1 PDF Full Pack pdf [pdf] 9MB  
12th May 2015   Board Meeting 12th May 2015 Full E version.pdf [pdf] 6MB  
9th June 2015   Board Meeting 9th June 2015 Full E version.pdf [pdf] 9MB  
14th July 2015   Board Meeting 14th July 2015 Part 1 E version.pdf [pdf] 9MB  
8th September 2015   Board Meeting 8th September 2015 Part 1 E version.pdf [pdf] 7MB  
13th October 2015   Board Meeting 13th October 2015 Part 1 E- version.pdf [pdf] 7MB  
10th November 2015   Trust Board Meeting 10th November 2015 Part 1 - full e-pack.pdf [pdf] 8MB  
8th December 2015   Trust Board Meeting 8th December 2015 Part 1 - full electronic version.pdf [pdf] 11MB  

9th February 2016


  Trust Board Meeting 9th February 2016 Part 1 full e-pack.pdf [pdf] 12MB  

8th March 2016



Trust Board Meeting 8th March 2016 Part 1 - Full e-version.pdf [pdf] 11MB


12th April 2016

  Trust Board Meeting 12th April 2016 Part 1 - FULL E-VERSION.pdf  

10th May 2016


Trust Board Meeting 10th May 2016 Part 1 - FULL PACK FOR PRINTING6.pdf




14th June 2016


  Trust Board Meeting 14th June 2016 Part 1 - FULL PACK for printing.pdf - 12MB  

12th July 2016


  Trust Board 12th July 2016 Part 1 - e- version.pdf [pdf] 10MB  

13th September 2016


  Trust board Meeting 13th September 2016 Part 1 (e-pack).pdf [pdf] 14MB  

11th October 2016



  Trust Board Meeting 11th October 2016 Part 1 - FULL e-version.pdf [pdf] 11MB  

8th November 2016


  Trust Board Meeting 8th November 2016 Part 1 - E-PACK.pdf [pdf] 10MB  

13th December 2016

  Trust Board Meeting 13th December 2016 Part 1 E-VERSION.pdf [pdf] 14MB  

14th February 2017



  Trust Board Meeting 14th February 2017 Part 1 - full epack.pdf [pdf] 13MB  


Board Secretary

For queries and comments please contact:

Ann Ferreira

T: 020 8333 3000 ext 8131

Next Board Meeting

Date: 14th March 2017

Time: 9am

Location: University Hospital Lewisham

Room: Lecture Theatre, Owen Centre