Staff Awards Finalists

Please see a list of all the shortlisted finalists, including winners and those who were highly commended below.

To find out why each of these staff members and teams were nominated, please review the staff awards brochure.

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Safety Award Finalists

Winner Michell Franklin Michelle Franklin - Matron, Surgical Ward (Juniper), UHL - WINNER

Peter Chatfield - Risk Manager - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Albert Tatlock - Staff Nurse Radiology/Infection Control Link Nurse, UHL - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Dr Mohammed Abdus-Samee - Locum Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, UHL

Pictured: Winner Michell Franklin (centre), Chief Executive, Tim Higginson (left) and Chair, Elizabeth Butler (right)

Respect and Dignity Award Finalists

Tony Chukwu Tony Chukwu - HCA, Stroke Ward (Ward 3), QEH - WINNER

Valerie Barry - Main Receptionist, QEH - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Martin Slater - HCA, Gastroenterology Ward (Ward 15a), QEH - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Pictured: Award winner Tony Chukwu (centre) Elizabeth Butler, Chair (right) and Chief Executive, Time Higginson (left)

Commitment to Quality of Care Award Finalists

Eimear Jones and Tim Higginson Eimear Jones - Practice Development Nurse for Emergency Medicine, QEH - WINNER


Joy Ellery - Director of Knowledge, Governance and Communications - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Amanda Ransome - Lead for Procurement and Distribution

Adrienne Walkes – Staff Nurse, Acute Medicine Ward (Alder), UHL

Sue Goss - Dispensary Manager, QEH

Belinda Regan - Deputy Director of Governance

Pictured: Winner Eimear Jones and Chief Executive, Tim Higginson

Compassion Award Finalists

Sue Percival and Tim Higginson Glen Bailey - Healthcare Assistant, General Medicine Ward (Laurel), UHL - WINNER

Sue Percival - Specialist Foetal Medicine Midwife, UHL - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Mandy Sanganoo - Ward Clerk, Surgical Ward (Ward 20), QEH - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Joanne Hubbard - Matron, Cancer Services, QEH

Pictured: Highly commended Sue Percival and Chief Executive, Tim Higginson

Improving Lives Award Finalists

Community Breast Care Team Community Breast Care Team - WINNER

Elizabeth Ware – Midwife, QEH - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Wound Care Team - Foot Health Services, Lewisham - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Jill Moore - Community Specialist Midwife, Infant Feeding

Joanne Day - Community Health Services Admin Manager (North)

Pictured: Winners, the Community Breast Care Team, and Chief Executive, Tim Higginson

Working Together for Patients Award Finalists

Paediatric Oncology Team Paediatric Oncology Team at QEH - WINNER

Caren Oxley - Housekeeper, AMU, QEH - HIGHLY COMMENDED

The Hills Health Visiting Admin Team - Sydenham Green Health Centre - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Debbie Whelan, Sue Neale, Yvonne Alger – Therapy Assistants, UHL

Anne Dowden - Senior Physiotherapist, UHL

LIMOS Team - Pharmacy, UHL

Pictured: Winners, the Paediatric Oncology Team, and Chief Executive, Tim Higginson

Everyone Counts Award Finalists

IT Transformation Team IT Transformation Team - WINNER

Ann Ferreira - Board Secretary -HIGHLY COMMENDED

Surgery Governance Team at UHL - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Elizabeth Roberts - Healthcare Assistant, QEH - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Patricia Lyall - Community Safeguarding Midwife (Bexley)

David Jennings - EBME Engineer, UHL

Teresa Drake - Medical Secretary, Respiratory Medicine, QEH

Kim Williams - Joint Manager, New to You Friends' Charity Shop

Pictured: Winners, the IT Transformation Team, and Chief Executive, Tim Higginson

Partner Award Finalists

Winner ISS Security on the Postnatal Ward at QEH - WINNER

Aditya Sharma - Cleaner, ISS, Acute Medical Unit, QEH - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Leslie Pickett - Porter, ISS, Acute Medical Unit, QEH - HIGHLY COMMENDED

John McCamley - Porter, Interserve, UHL

Dave Russell - Doorman/Security, 1Life, Downham Health and Leisure Centre

Pictured: Winner, ISS Security on the Postnatal Ward at QEH, and Chair, Elizabeth Butler

Healthcare Hero Award Finalists

Gastro Nurses Joanne Golding - Best Beginnings Midwife, QEH - WINNER

Rahela Osborn, Cerena Barnett, Ann Sparrow, Mary Oyekola - Gastrointestinal Clinical Nurses, Brook Unit, QEH - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Jean Woodley - Receptionist, Foot Clinic, UHL - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Dr Sanjay Sahi - Consultant Paediatrician, QMS and QEH

Marian Bonsu - Sickle Cell Nurse, UHL

Dr Tullie Yeghen - Consultant Haematologist, UHL

Dr Vanita Gandhi - SHO to Dr Miell, Consultant Endocrinologist, UHL

Dr John Stroobant and his team - Children's Outpatients, UHL

Pictured: Highly commended Gastrointestinal Clinical Nurses and Chief Executive, Tim Higginson